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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Now I know why I don't get stressed

Stressed workers given jam jars of fresh air
The jars were filled at beauty spots including Townend near Windermere
Fresh air captured in jam jars at English beauty spots has been given out to city workers in a bid to encourage them to visit the great outdoors.
The National Trust handed out the jars in London after a survey revealed going to the countryside made 70% of people feel more relaxed.

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Mrs. Mike said...

We know a small business owner who has a coffee roasting outfit in a warehouse. Upon adding huge skylights to the building and opening the great retractable doors (in warmer weather), employees became recognizably more productive and morale improved.

I'm so glad I needn't breathe my fresh air from a jam jar, or an aerosol can, or a fragrant candle; it's just outside my back door (oh wait, that's the barn I smell)!

The farm and garden are refreshing to me!