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Monday, 31 August 2009

Mud and weeds

Well, that was some bank holiday weekend it has hardly stopped raining since Friday afternoon and things are absolutely sodden and wet through, I would have liked to get on with some serious weeding as they have really taken off this month but when I walk on the ground it just turns to mud and it seems that I'm doing more harm than good so I have decided that I will just have to live with them until it drys up a bit, in fact it might be best to not bother till after most of the crops are lifted as they are at a size now that they can out compete most weeds, and then give the ground a good clean up through winter.

It seems that most of the country is having shows this weekend but round here it,s all quiet on that front which is a pity as I would have liked a day at a show. Next Saturday it is Milnthorpe and Sunday is Ingleton show, I have not entered either but may go and have a look round, I'm especially keen to go to Ingleton to see the Onion class and see how they should look as mine have been a big disappointment.

I was able to get on with sorting out some potatoes for my next show, the Kestrel turned out nice and clean but the Winston have suffered a bit of scab in fact some had suffered from too much rain and a few had grown big and had splits, Can't be sure why the Winstons only suffered from scab but I suspect that the Winston seed potatoes may have had a touch of scab when they came though I didn't notice it at the time, as both varieties were grown in buckets in a peat based mix and were not in contact with the soil, ( I will have a good look next year and might even get them from a different supplier ) I am thinking of trying NVS re introduced varieties Amour and Sherine supplied by Jamieson's of Annan next year and if they do well for me could save my own seed.

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