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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Just when things were going so well

A week ago every thing was looking rosy and going on just great now seven days later things don't look just so clever, the main problem has been the high winds and heavy rain that have been battering us for the last 5 days which has really smashed up my plants, probably the worst affected has been my french beans and dahlias that have in some cases been smashed flat. I have spent quite a bit of time firming and re staking them back and i,m just hoping that they will pick up quickly i,m fairly optimistic about the dahlias but the french beans look to be a lost cause just at the moment they were a bush variety and to be honest i hadn't bothered to give them any sort of support as they looked strong low growing plants even my parsnips and carrots are looking a bit rough up but i think they will not take a lot of harm once the weather calms down. I did notice that just one of the dahlias seems to be suffering what looks to be some sort of virus damage which is a bit disappointing as i had just bought it as a rooted cutting this spring and was hoping to be able use it as a stock plant and get a good few cuttings of it next spring I would think it likely that any cuttings might be carrying the same virus so it will probably have to be binned even though it seems to be going to flower quite well.

On the Tomato front i have what looks suspiciously like the first signs of blight on one or two leaves so i have taken what looks like drastic action and removed any leaves that had any hint of it plus a good few more of the lower leaves just to be sure, now it is just a case of watching carefully to see if it has been nipped in the bud as most of the tomatoes are now fairly well grown and i have been picking them for just over a week now i think they they should continue ripen OK in fact it may help them with a bit more air and light.

On a brighter note the Fuchsias cuttings that i got given at our NVS meeting ( Some that were taken as part of the demonstration ) at the end of April are doing nicely and are looking like having a nice cover of flowers, it might have been better to not let them flower this year but i was curious to see how they would look in flower hopefully i might be able to get some to show next year.The varieties are white ones Sophie Louise and pink ones Border Raider.

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Simon (Smithyveg) said...


Got a few patches of blight on my indoor toms too. It gets in through the odd splashes via cracks in the glass. I just cut off the affaected leaflets and it seems to curtail it.