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Sunday, 15 March 2009

How things are mid March

After a few problems last week I'm back in business, it's starting to get a bit hectic now with all the bench space starting to get full in the greenhouse and still quite a bit to sow yet it might take some juggling to fit every thing in, every years the same i tell my self to just concentrate on fewer vegetables but then them catalogues come around Christmas and i think i will just try this and that.

I potted up my leeks on Wednesday night they are now in 5" pots and hopefully they will be OK until they get planted outside as i said in a previous posting this is my first time at growing Leeks from seed but I'm quite pleased with the way they are growing at the moment i had a go at starting to blanch the when i potted them on.

The Shallots are now staring to romp away with the mild weather all thought i did have to give them a all spray of last week I'm pretty sure one had an infestation of trips ( little green thing) so i sprayed the lot plus the leeks and onions and took the affected one outside until it was looking all clear though it still shows signs of being checked it is now picking up.

I put my Vento onions in the greenhouse on Monday as i thought they were getting slightly leggy probably with slightly poor light in the house , they will probably slow down a bit with it being cooler but hopefully they will keep developing a good root system and catch up when spring really gets here. I got some tomatoes brussel sprouts and the rest of my leeks sown just before the Rugby started I nearly didn't bother to watch but as it turned out i'm glad i did beating France is all ways good, in fact their was one or two surprise results this weekend with Liverpool wining 4-1 away at Manchester making the run in to the title a lot more interesting. It would be interesting if they met in the European cup final as Liverpool have beaten them twice this season, i sure i could hear Alec Ferguson screaming at them after the final whistle and i live 60 miles away. United managed a good 1-1draw against Scumthorpe and are edging closer to 50 points which should be enough to see them safe.

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Chandramouli S said...

Wow! the onions and shallots look healthy and refreshing to eyes.