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Hi I'm JAMES 60 and married with three daughters all left home now, daughters that is not the wife.I enjoy Gardening /Football and working on my Farm.The picture above in the header slot is where i live and work.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Show Time

Seems an age since i had a chance to blog Simon has been and still is on holiday and i have been left in charge on the farm, the veggie plot i'm afraid has had to take a bit of a back seat recently but i did manage to put some entries in to our local show the other night first time i have had a go at this sort of thing so not to sure how it will go but hey it's not about winning just having a bit of fun. I have entered Beetroot , Carrots , Potatoes, Runner Beans, Broad Beans, Onions and Shallots, today i sorted out my Shallots the first 4 were fairly obvious but the 5th one took some finding they look a bit ordinary as do my onions but next year will be better. the Beans Broad and Runner seem to be growing fast now so should be OK the rest will need looking though latter in the week, although i did sneak a look at the potatoes when i removed the tops just over a week ago and they seemed clean but maybe a tad small, oh dear worry worry.

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Veg4Show said...

Glad you had a go at showing, always nice to see new faces at the shows. Hope you had an enjoyable day.