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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sprout trouble ?

I think i got a problem on one of my Brussel Sprout plants, I have given them all a shot of Bug Off spray but that doesn't seem to have helped i am wondering if it has some sort of virus or a deficiency of some kind the odd thing is the 2 plants in the photos are growing next to each other so it seems strange that just one is effected. Now do i remove and dispose of the weak one or will it recover ? and what's wrong with it anyway.
Any advice gratefully received.
Next weekend is the first show in our area and i think i will pop along and see how others are doing if i think my veg are anything like i might enter a couple of latter shows and have a bit of fun, things seem in the main to be looking well but maybe just a bit slow with the lack of sunshine lately .


Veg4Show said...

Personally Id pull it out and destroy it via fire.

Check for root maggots in the ground. Leaves that are wilted and stunted growth are a good indication of the maggots. You can use something like Diazinon before planting next year to help prevent this if you can still buy it.

Check stem for Cutworm damage, noticeable by the stem being chewed.

Had any aphids? man these lil things are a nightmare and spread virus very quickly.

Flea beetle is a pain as well and noticeable by really small holes and chewed leaves. Any thing that jumps when you run your hand over you sprouts is a sign you have flea beetle.

Lastly to prevent most of the major problems ensure you plant them really deep and firm. Use collars at the base of your plants and you can even earth up sprouts for best results.

******JAMES****** said...

Thanks for that advice Liam. I did remove it Thursday night as it happens but i didn't see anything to obvious that may have caused it's problem , I think your advice on planting really deep is maybe were i slipped up, next year i will hopefully get growing Brassicas right.