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Hi I'm JAMES 60 and married with three daughters all left home now, daughters that is not the wife.I enjoy Gardening /Football and working on my Farm.The picture above in the header slot is where i live and work.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Little weeds

Hi, what is it with weeds i just turned my back for a few days and they have just about taken over the garden and so i have spent most of the weekend catching up with them, the damp growey weather has put them into overdrive.
In the veg plot i have being retying the broad beans to the canes as they must have grown about 18" since i last did them a fortnight ago, they are well in flower and have set some pods low down on the stalks it was a little later than usual when i got them planted out but they should still crop OK, the beetroot has really enjoyed the regular downpours we been having and look really lush and healthy and its a similar story with the parsnips top growth is rapid. Even though it has been raining a lot and strange as it might sound i have been watering the potatoes that are growing in pots they have a lot of top growth and seem to deflect most of the rain so i need to get in under the leaves and give them a good soaking fairly often.
The season must be passing as United played their first friendly match away against Kendal Town its hard to make any judgement as to how the new season will go but the 4-0 win will help to boost confidence.
On the farm we have sold our first batch of lambs and the last of the store cattle that we held back from the Spring sales the cattle were a better trade than i had expected but i was a little disappointed with the lamb prices a case of sum you win and some you lose i suppose.

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