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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Weekend off but no time to put my feet up

It's nice to have a long weekend off and I have been making the most of it with getting on with some much needed weeding, done in my flower beds, before they really get away on me, one problem of making a new garden out of what was an old pony paddock is that there is a large reservoir of weed seeds just waiting to germinate, and they reckon it takes 10 years to begin to exhaust the supply so on that reasoning I should be all right in about 4 years. The hard winter that we had, has left us with some casualties having lost a couple of Hebes and a Cordyline plant that I was particularly proud off, plus others like a ceanothus that has had all its leaves killed of but fortunately it is now just showing signs of coming back with quite a few shoots starting to show on the main stems, it won't be much of a show this year but with a bit of luck it could be back next spring.
My carrots have germinated fairly well with most stations through now with just half a dozen not showing as yet, it may be that they failed because I didn't start watering them soon enough to help them along, the problem being that the drying winds that we have been having made a crust form on the top of the mix and I suspect that some have not been able to push their way through and died, I am thinking of popping in a long beetroot seed in the failed stations as i think it a bit late to resow carrots.
I received my Kelsea onions that I ordered about ten days ago and as they wern't as big as I thought they would be, instead of planting them out right away I just potted them up into some 3 inch pots and kept them in the greenhouse. Its only in the last few days that they seem to have started to move forward so I think it could be another two weeks before they get in to their final position, most will go outside but I will keep about ten in the greenhouse in 20 liter pots to see how they do compared to the ones grown outside. I have been watering them from underneath as in the picture to see if I can encourage them to get their roots down searching for water rather than just stay in a tight ball it might work you never know.

Tonight there is a chance of frost forecast and sods law today the first of my potatoes have pushed through so I have had to earth them up with a bit more peat and the covered them with some upturned buckets to keep them nice and warm, the ones in the yellow buckets are growing Winston with Kestrel in the white buckets and in the bags are my NVS varieties, yellow bags Sherine and blue bags Amour, It's all colour coordinated and planned out you know.

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Jinky said...

It is very interesting how you grow your potatoes. At work they just grow them in dirt.