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Monday, 8 March 2010

Happy days are here again

Last few days have really lifted the spirits with lot's of bright sunshine and blue skies , though it has meant some frosty mornings. I decided to turn all the sand in my long carrot and parsnip barrels to loosen it up ready for boring out the growing stations towards the end of the month, the house next door to my home is used as holiday cottage and i'm sure the people staying there this weekend thought i was a bit nut's as i first emptied one barrel in to a bulk bag then proceeded for the next 2/3 hours to empty one barrel in to the one next to it before putting the sand in the bag in to the last barrel. One thing about having all this frost and not so much rain since Christmas is it has made a good job of getting all the ground on the veggie plot in realy good condition with it breaking down in to a really nice seed bed for when it starts to get warmer.

I took a look at my seed poatoes that have been chitting up on Sunday and they seem to be coming on nicely with some good strong sturdy shoots starting to come on both the Kestrel and Winston mind my NVS varieties Sherine and Amour seem a bit further behind but I suppose that's because they are a lot less in size. I might put them in the kitchen for 3/4 weeks where it is a bit warmer just to get them pushing on a bit faster. A couple of my dahlia varieties (Marys Jomanda and Shophie Taylor) are just starting to show signs of sprouting so it could be that i will be able to take some cuttings towards the end of the month.

This last week I have somehow got myself roped into standing in as a temporary caretaker at our local junior school from 6.30 to 8/30 AM, as if I haven't got enough to do! but i find it hard to say no if they are stuck, still it was interesting to see that they have plans to grow quite a bit of veg this summer all the kids seem to have a potato each chitting up and there was a decent selection seed packets ready for sowing so with a bit of luck some of them might enjoy the experience and stick with it or take it up when they get older. I didn't think they did that any more, mind when i was at school (When you say that you know you getting old) we all had to help in the school garden, and the school kept pigs and hens.

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Mrs. Mike said...

Amazing what sun and blue sky can do for the spirit!
Tell me more about your carrots and parsnips. Am I understanding that you plant them in sand in barrels? I'm new to parsnips and would like better luck with carrots.
Enjoy your beautiful weather!