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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Next years Leeks

It might not look much just at the moment but with a bit of luck they could turn out to be next years winners. This is a head of the new Improved Pendle leek grass that I was given early this week by our top local leek grower Jim Robinson of Endmoor, just shows how generous some exhibitors can be that they are happy to share their stock with the very people that are trying to beat them , now the tricky bit is I don't really know what to do next I have been given a lot of good advice and looked it up on Medwyns pages on the NVS website so i know the theory but! anyway I will probably have ago this weekend at potting them on fortunately i only need about 20/30 plants to grow and just looking at the amount on the head there must be well over 100 potential plants.

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Veg4Show said...

At that stage I just cut the head from the plant and soak it over night in domestos, no more than 24hrs. Sterile and the leeks pull away easy from the head. I think I use 1 cap full of thick domestos to 1 litre of water.. Don't have my diary.

Pot them up, all pretty simple. One tip, don't over water at this young stage they rot so fast.

Good luck with them, hopefully you have a good strain.