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Hi I'm JAMES 60 and married with three daughters all left home now, daughters that is not the wife.I enjoy Gardening /Football and working on my Farm.The picture above in the header slot is where i live and work.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tomatoes coming along nicely

I had a close look at my tomatoes tonight and the heat of the last few days as really started to bring them on some of them are now about half grown and at this rate should be ready to pick in 2/3 weeks, one thing that i am having to watch is the watering as they seem to be needing a lot more than just a week ago, but i don't want to over water them so at the moment i am just giving a little and often and see how it goes. I have a show late July and it would be nice to have an entry as i will be a bit light on most other classes as it is just a bit to soon in the season for me really.

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