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Friday, 10 October 2008

Studying Catalogues

Yesterday a couple of seed catalogues came in the post (D T Brown and Unwins) so i was able to settle down planing what to grow for next year, I have good mind to order some Kelsae Onion plants from D T Brown at £5.95 + postage for 40 they seem a good buy compared to what i have paid other years i just wonder how strong a plants they will be, hopefully they should be well grown as any thing Browns have supplied me before have been good quality. Last year i collected plants from Robinsons late April and i think they were a bit crowded and were just beginning to suffer a check in growth as a result, they never really came to much over the summer, but then it was a difficult year for Onions locally so perhaps that was the problem. Plus I will order some Cavalier peas from Browns as well not that i know a great deal about them but they do come recommended buy a well known top Parsnip grower and blogger . My Broad Beans from Medwyns were top class this year so i will get the same again along with my long and stump carrots and beetroot seed which all so did well. I have collected plenty of runner bean seed for next year from my own plants. I have been looking to buy some Hative de Niort Shallots as they seem to win everything at the shows locally, but I can't find them anywhere, this year i grew Red Sun but they weren't really suitable for showing. That just leaves me to decided on which Leeks to get i have a thought to try some Bulbils but as i have never had them before i'm not to sure how difficult they might be to grow on . Then all i have to decide on is Parsnips,Tomatoes and Marrows i'll see if i can get them from Unwins as i won a £5 voucher from them and it would be ashame to not use it.


Veg4Show said...

I know where you can order Hative de Niort Shallots from. I will let you know once I have ordered mine incase you steal them all lol. Be warned tho, extremely difficult to get right and really for exhibtion you should be planting them in a cold greenhouse around end of December/January in pots.

Most top growers grow there leek bulbils under lights but you can get away without it as John Soulsby proved, growing leeks 16 inches and 8 inches round with no lights. Order from medwyns or John from garden news advert.. (medwyns 2009 catalogue not out yet) You do need to keep them heated tho until at least April from December onwards.

If you need any advice on this, let me know and I will pleased to help.

Simon (Smithyveg) said...

Hiya James

For the show bench you need Shelleys seeds.....good value too.


Simon (Smithyveg)

James (Digtoplant) said...

Hi. Liam Simon. Thanks for comments. i will put your help to good use. Been away today so late checking email.
Regards james