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Sunday, 1 June 2008

What a difference a week makes

What a difference a week can make last Monday it seemed that everything was being held back by the dry weather and drying winds then it rained on Tuesday night not heavy, but steady and persistent for a few hours, if you look carefully you can see the steam riseing with the dampness and heat on Wedensday morning, and although it's been dry since then it's been cloudy and humid and the response has been dramatic the Beetroot that I was on the verge of scraping has really sprung back in to life and grown about an inch this week, the Parsnips also seem that they might recover though i did sow a couple more rows this week just in case it still fails, it's a tricky crop to get started in my experience, sow to soon and I have no chance, plant it later like this year and it gets a server check if it gets to dry even though i did give it a lot of watering this year, still it's all part of the fun, as the ground is now damper and not baked into the hard lumps of a week ago i took the chance of putting in half a dozen Iceberg Lettuce where their was a bit of space i don't grow them from seed just some that i picked up from the local garden center it's simpler to get a few about once a month rather than have a glut all at once. Last back end my youngest daughter Susannah brought me some gourmet Carrots specially breed for container growing back from a holiday in the USA so i took the chance to get them sown this Sunday i used one of our local councils recycling boxes as a container it seemed a good use for it, I'll let every one know if they taste as good as they crack them up to be. The moisture in the ground has also made it ideal for the weeds so i had to get the hoe out and have a quick tidy up among the Leeks and Onions some of which have drooped with the earlier dry weather but I'm sure they will be fine.

On the farm things have been steady with us trying to get some repairs to done to our silo pit/clamp where the juice from the silage grass had eaten into the concrete floor we have to be very careful that any effluent produced is well contained or the environment agency start to get a bit excited, which seems a bit ironic when the governments drains leak at Pirbright last year and foot and mouth disease caused havoc it's decided that no one should be blamed or prosecuted. This years lambs seem to be doing well this spring I managed to take this picture to prove the point the ones in the picture are out of a Greyfaced ewe by a Texel ram. The green marking on the shoulders is our flock mark every farm has it's own distinct mark so as to avoid any confusion should any stray.-TT---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Just to finish of we watched Britain's got Talent on TV this weekend have to say i was hoping that Andrew Johnson would win being a Local Cumbrian lad from Carlisle but well done to him anyway thirds not to bad, and i thought that the young lady with her Collie Sheepdog was pretty outstanding I have trained a few sheepdogs over the years to work sheep, and so can appreciate how much time and effort she has had to put in to get it to do what it did, it must think the world of her to do what it did.

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