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Sunday, 15 June 2008

A good look round the plot

Have enjoyed a quite weekend doing a few odd job's that have been building up at home, got the chance to put in a final row of beetroot and tried to give vegy plot a weeding and tidy up things seem to be going nicely although some shallots seem to have gone flat i am growing to different types of shallots- Red Sun and Golden Gourmet and it is just one variety that has gone flat but i can't remember which one it is, in the foreground are a few Dahlias that are growing in some 9" pipes that i set up so as to stop the soil falling away it is surprising how the ground levels rise with all the old compost and FYM that get added over the seasons. The onions to the right of the shallots are varieties Rijnsburger and Red Barron and though they look well they may be just been on to rich a diet perhaps i gave the ground to much FYM last winter.
My Mammoth onions are plodding on nicely but maybe a shade behind where they were this time last year when we had a lot more rain. I must try to get some wire supports for the leafs next year it's probably a bit to late to bother now.

The leeks have put on some good growth in the last 10 day and i am pleased with them, i do tend to plant them closer than is recommended but i prefer them to not grow to big for the kitchen the Variety is Jolant.

Some of the Runner Beans are getting to the towards the top of the canes amazing when you think they were just planted out in the end of May.


Not so exciting are the short Carrots, Parsnips and Beetroot many of the Carrots got eaten by my neighbours semi tame wild rabbit and the first rows of Parsnips and Beetroot suffered from poor germination in the dry hot weather we have been having in South Cumbria but the second planting of Carrots and Parsnips on the right hand side that i did about a fortnight ago seem to be getting away nicely.

The Potatoes have just stating to flower and are looking well. If you look closely you can see the Brussel Sprouts to the left.

The long Carrots seem to be doing OK but i really don't no how they should look as it's my first attempt at growing them this way

On the farm we got finished shearing the sheep on Thursday afternoon so that's another job ticked of, not that it is a worth all the effort i have just calculated that to gather and shear has taken a total of 52 man hours and the payment we got last year was a grand total of £107, this year the estimated price should lift it to about £144 the equivalent of £2.76 an hour, still the sheep should keep healthier and be more comfortable.

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