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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hello again

Hello and it is nice to be back, as it is just over a year since i last updated i thought it time to get back on the blog trail again. I didn't really mean to leave it so long but I guess I just ran out of things to write about.
I grew A bit less Veg last season and as we had such a wet and cool year it was probably not such a bad thing, got to the usual shows and even managed a couple of best in shows with my potatoes (Amour) and another best in show with a pair of marrows, and I had a go last season at showing Dahlias with some success even getting a bronze medal at Ingleton show with some Weston spanish dancer, and I even put an entry of a trugg of vegetables in at Harrogate which won a second. So thats a quick round up of my 2011 growing year now it's time to look forward to this season.
I have got some nice pendle improved leeks that i got from David Metcalfe in November coming along at the moment, they are under lights 10 hours a day in my growing room with just a small amount of bottom heat. I am trying to take them on nice and steady, last year I think I may have pushed them to fast to soon and they seemed to stall a bit in late May early June and never grew with much vigour after that.
I have plans to get some more stump and long carrots barrels set up so as to get enough to cover an extra show plus I am having a go at long beet this time never really grown them before so I will have to give a bit of thought as to the best way doing them, and as a bit of extra interest I fancy trying to grow some beans for the longest runner bean classes I used to manage to compete with just the longest of my stenner variety but the opposition have upped their game and I have been falling short the last couple of years so this time I have sourced some special seed and, well this time I mean business.

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