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Sunday, 5 December 2010

A thumb twiddling sort of day

Some days its just to cold and snowy to go out side and today is one of them days so it seemed an ideal time to get some seed out of the marrow (Blyton Belle from Smithy) that I set to one side early October it was the best one on the plant. I managed to collect about 100 seed that were good and plump so once I have got them nicely dried and stored in the fridge with any sort of luck I should get enough for my needs (3 Plants) to germinate next May. It is my intention to start them of a 3 weeks sooner next year as i did find starting them beginning of June just left it a bit tight for the earliest shows, Normally they do grow fast but with all the very dull cool and wet weather we had here from July onwards it held them back plus pollination was hampered with lack of insect activity. Quite a lot of the seeds that i have ordered have arrived now but im still waiting for Medwyn to send out the Kelsea his own selection I hope they get here before Christmas as I planned to sow them before the new year, that reminds me talking of Christmas I haven't even started any shopping yet.

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Simon (Smithyveg) said...

Any chance of begging 3 seeds off you? Mine all rotted (my fault) and i didn't grow any BB last season.