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Monday, 3 August 2009

School Holidays Are Here Again

Things have been quieter since the weekend when Simon and Natalie and family went on holiday to south Wales, though it was a bit hectic here just before they went, now that the school holidays have started we have had my 2 granddaughters spending quite a bit of time with us which keeps us on our toes they are quite keen on helping in the garden but it does make me a bit nervous where they are stepping at times, plus they are keen on picking the raspberries but unfortunately not too many make it back to the house. They had a bit of fun hiding under our Gunnera plant plus it made a good shelter from the rain showers that we have been having.

I still haven't been able to pick any tomatoes yet although some are just starting to turn but it will be touch and go as to whether I will have enough to make a decent set for the next show on the 15th August, I have trimmed some of them back to just three trusses to see if it helps to speeds up the ripening process, but at least I should have plenty by the end of the month. I did cover the glass with cool shade at the beginning of June when we had that heatwave and everyone was predicting it was going to be like that until September but it seems a waste of time now, still I bet if I wash it off things will get hot and sunny again! hum I might just try that.

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Simon (Smithyveg) said...

Take a tip from me on this one James.....

...hang some ripe bananas from the bottom leaves. The ethylene gas rises up and ripens the tomatoes far quicker than if you left them.

An old greengrocers' trick apparently.