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Hi I'm JAMES 60 and married with three daughters all left home now, daughters that is not the wife.I enjoy Gardening /Football and working on my Farm.The picture above in the header slot is where i live and work.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Shallots drying off

Early last week I lifted all my Shallots and set the best of them up on the garden seat to dry, they are in quite a cool shady spot under a large Oak tree which also keeps 90% of the rain off hopefully they will dry nice and slowly for a few more days and then i will sort through and see if i can get some matching sets before putting them away in a cool dark corner of the garage, the size of them is fairly decent so hopefully i can get a sniff of a ticket this year, it is usually quite a popular class to show in so winning any ticket is not easy.

Where they were lifted from I have now planted some Peas that i started in pots quite a while back and if i can keep them clear of mildew i might get a crop for September.

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