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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Thank goodness it's the weekend

It has seemed a long couple of weeks having been very busy with work and it surprising how things change when you turn your back , so it was nice to have a day quietly weeding and pottering about in the garden, though Simon has been busy mowing or silage ground Friday night and today so it looks as if Sundays going to be busy again. I think our rose is putting on a pretty decent show this year it has been in a about 3 years now and is just getting in to gear after a slow start and the geraniums are blooming away merrily i think of them as a reliable backup as they don,t mind a hard life and just keep coming back year after year.

The leeks are now needing the support for their leaves as they seem to be growing steadily away, I had a go at balancing them at the end of May, as it is the first time that i have tried to grow them for show potential I'm not to sure that i have done it right but we will soon find out come end of August

The Tomatoes are now getting a bit of size on them so i had to lift them down to ground level and get some supports set up they have all stared to come into flower this last week so lets hope that i can get some quality specimens, as they are growing in pots i water them from the underneath in a morning and at night i fill the pots set into the top of the compost, I have added a bit of Tomorite this weekend for the first time because they soon deplete the compost of nutrient when they are growing so rapidly next week i will probably give them a feed made up of soaked sheep muck and just keep alternating it all summer.

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Simon (Smithyveg) said...

Just to let you know James that you're spot on with the leeks......the horizontal poles support the 'flags' and stops them splitting as the get bigger.

Just try and keep the barrel absolutely straight upright and keep an eye out for leek moth caterpillars.....they coccoon themselves inside the 'V' of the new unfurling leaves and can be difficult to spot. If you don't grab them quickly they can flick themselves down into the growing point and hide....little buggers.