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Saturday, 3 January 2009

New year Onions

Is it just me or has anyone else lost track of what day it is with Christmas and now New Year i will be glad when we get to Monday and some sort of normality returns, with it being dry and bright in the main over the holiday period their does seem to have been a lot of visitors out and about and one or two look like they have treated themselves to some new walking gear for Christmas and are full of new year resolution spirit .
Still i decided to sow some onion seed today which is maybe a bit on the early side but i was eager to get started with my new propagator, it is the first time that i have tried growing onions from seed, other years having just bought starter plants ready for planting out come spring time, but the main drawback with that is you just tend to get mainstream varieties and i was looking to get something a bit better to put in for showing come August so i am having a go with Vento f1, not having seen onion seed before i was suprised that it was in a pelleted form being coated with a blue film, it certainly made it a lot easier to see them when sowing and i sowed them at a rate of 50 per tray, i just wonder if it takes them longer to germinate being pelleted, i also sowed a few lupin seeds that i saved from the plants i grew last year, hopefully if they get a good start they should flower by late June. The leeks that i potted on last weekend seemed to have taken it in their stride and are now growing more leaf though one or two seem a bit bent over still, but in the main they are growing well with a good deep green healthy colour to them i will try to keep them with plenty of light and warmth till the beginning of February then they might have to go in the greenhouse with just heating from underneath so as to make room for some large exhibition Onion seedlings that are due from Medwyns mid February.
This hard frost that we have been having should do a good job at killing of a few of pests that seem to have been able to over winter in the mild wet winters we have had in the past few years so that may be no bad thing even if it has meant i am unable to get on with the last of my digging for the time being but there's plenty of winter left for that.

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Chandramouli S said...

Hi James, you really seem to be having a great start this year!! Good luck!