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Saturday, 6 December 2008

From the past

Some times when you dig up ground that has been occupied for quite along time you turn up all sorts of things and today up popped an old what looks like a kind of hoe minus it's handle of course which must have rotted away a long time ago. I might have a go at cleaning it up and putting a new handle on as it is quite sound and most of the rust should brush of , I presume it was used for earthing up rows of veg or something similar in the past, I wonder who and when it was last used, the weight of it and solid nature of it makes me think it could be from the 1920 /40 era. This is the first time I have found anything that could still be useful normaly it has been old horse shoes i have about 6 of them that I've found nailed up on our wooden pergola to bring us plenty of luck, other things that we have found are 3/4 old spoons and a couple of vintage padlocks.

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Chandramouli S said...

You got lucky! Farmers here still use it to dig the earth.