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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Our Abi is off to Australia

How do you fancy swimming 2.4 miles then cycling 112 miles and just for good measure finishing off with a marathon 26 miles 385 yds. In just 6 days time our eldest daughter Abi and her husband are off to Australia where she is to compete in the Western Australia Ironman or should that be Ironperson competition on the 7th December at Busselton near Perth, we are all quietly proud of her here at home for having a go and wish her all the best. This is the second time Abi has done one and i know that she is really wanting to beat her previous time of 14 hours 50 minutes. I haven,t told her but i was thinking of getting in to training for it, but you know how it is just when you get ready to go for a run something crops up like my runner beans needed watering or onions need weeding so unfortunately I'll just have to pass on doing it. So best of luck Abi, if anyone wants to look at her training blog click on the link Mustrunfaster . if you do take the time to look drop her a line to give her a boost.

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mustrunfaster said...

You were considering doing some tri training? Last time I looked you didnt have a bike!

By the way my race number is 390 if you want to track me on line. www.ironmanlive.com